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Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates and OMS

Our responsibility as a school includes, at this time, helping to slow the rate of infection of COVID-19—both for those within and those connected to the OMS community. Because of this and even more definitively because emergency declarations of the Governor Cuomo and Westchester County Executive Latimer, we are moving to remote learning for the time being. At this moment we know it will be through March 31st, but the situation is of course very fluid, and we will be updating our community regularly on and new information.

Our intention is to “flatten the curve” of the rate of infection. To that end, our expectation is that students will not be gathering, formally or informally, outside of school, as that would defeat the goal of “social distancing”. Please see guidelines from the NY Sate Department of Health , with recommendations on how to keep yourselves and others healthy.

Distance learning will be new for all of us—students and teachers—and we will be learning and adjusting as we go along. While we hope conditions improve soon, OMS teachers are prepared to use our remote learning approach for an extended period if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology will students need to access the on-line learning?

A laptop or tablet and a phone are all that are required.

Whom should I contact if I have questions, or my child does, as the remote learning program rolls out?

Contact the head teacher with any questions. Each has her own way of interacting with parents and children.

Should we make a schedule for online learning?

It will be very helpful for parents and children to have a somewhat regular schedule during this time. Having times marked out for waking up, breakfast, independent reading, online connection with the teachers, lunch, outdoor or indoor exercise, doing homework assignments and other projects, and dinner, will keep spirits up and make this a productive time.

Can I get a tuition refund for the rest of this year by withdrawing my child from school?

Unfortunately, no. In the past we did have an unusual policy of tuition refund, and that policy served us very well over the years because it meant that all the people who stayed with the school were very happy with the program. However, in light of the current pandemic, that policy is being suspended. With our teachers continuing to provide learning and guidance online, through phone calls, etc., we will be continuing to provide a valuable educational experience for your children which will meet their educational requirements for the year. We encourage all of you in our school community to support each other as we work through this difficult, historic time and to approach the adaptation we are all finding necessary with the sense of curiosity, positive spirit and wonderful caring that has always been a cornerstone of our school.

If my family encounters hardships—food, income, childcare—because of COVID-19, what are my options?

On March 18, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed emergency legislation guaranteeing job protection and pay for New Yorkers who have been quarantined as a result of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

If my child (or someone else in my family) becomes sick and we think it might be COVID-19, what steps should I take?

Contact your health care provider to find out if they offer testing, or call the NY State COVID-19 Hotline at 888-364-3065 to make an appointment at the drive-through COVID-19 testing center at Glen Island in New Rochelle.

It’s very important that anyone who feels sick 1.) gets medical attention and 2.) stays home.

resources for explaining the pandemic to children:

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Quality Care & Education

Our philosophy is based on the work of the Italian educator, Dr. Maria Montessori. Where everyone had always asked, "How should we teach?", Montessori asked, "How do children Learn?" Her keen ability to observe the learning process resulted in a method of education which is designed to help the child accomplish the task of becoming a person.

Montessori recognized early that different children mature at different rates and are ready for different learning experiences at different times in their lives. To teach children at a level for which they are not yet ready confuses them and creates a sense of failure and incompetence which may haunt them all their lives. To teach them beneath their ability wastes their time and bores them.

Many of the learning materials in Our Montessori School are "self-correcting." This means that if a child makes a mistake, it is not the teacher who points out the error. Rather, the material allows the child to find and correct the error. In this way, repeated trials are encouraged without a sense of shame or failure.

In a very real sense, our children become responsible for their own learning and their own behavior. They learn to respect themselves and others, and they develop the inner discipline without which true freedom is not possible.