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2300 Crompond Rd Yorktown Heights, NY


“I visited eight schools during my house hunting in New York-Connecticut and I am glad that my heart pointed in the right direction. My husband immediately approved the school selection. So did my parents, and they have always admired the loving environment.”
Teresa J., parent

“You cannot put your child in a better place in the whole world. Not only will they learn and do everything you’ve been told here (at the Open House) tonight, but additionally they are truly loved by all the staff.”
Stacey B., parent

“Thank you for putting together such a fun summer camp. Jake enjoyed each and every day.”
Adrienne H., parent

“A parent cannot ask much more than to have a child who loves to attend school and who has developed a love for learning.”
Lisa G., parent

“We believe that Our Montessori School has helped set a great solid foundation for Tristan’s education academically and socially."
Palmida and Ken F., parents

“Just wanted to tell you again how much Peter LOVES Montessori school. How wonderful to see all of the theories “blooming” into action!”
Cynthia B., parent

“I walked into school last week and….children were in groups of two’s an three’s intrigued by all sorts of learning toys, guided by their wonderful teachers. There was that low hum of conversation that you associate with a very good classroom. I told the nearest teacher: “Somewhere, Maria Montessori is smiling.”
Soshana H., parent

"My husband and I were very impressed by the warmth of the school and by the enthusiasm and diversity of the teaching staff and the students.”
Maya W, parent

“I had visited several schools before coming to Our Montessori School. I had cried to my mother that I would never be able to leave my baby at any of the places I had seen previously. The minute I walked through the door at Our Montessori School I felt a sense of security and confidence that my child would be in good hands here, and I felt those feelings in every part of my experience on that first visit—from the warmth of all the teachers to the look of the rooms and what was going on in each one."
Lauretta Z., parent

“Amanda has flourished academically and has amazed me with the quality and level of work she is doing. I commend you for your ability to challenge her and for maintaining high academic standards. Our decision to stay with Our Montessori School for the kindergarten years was one of the most positive things we have done for her and her brother, Alex. The quality of your curriculum gave Alex a solid start…Alex scored in the top 3% on the national ERB test and as a result, qualified to test for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program."
Lisa C., parent

“We extensively researched your school and are enthusiastically submitting an application for our daughter, Lia. The tape you sent us was world class and informative. Thanks so much for helping to stabilize our relocation to New York.”
Dan and Jo Ann R., parents

“You are doing something quite exquisitely wonderful at Our Montessori School.”
Linda S., parent

“Not only does the curriculum at Our Montessori School far exceed that of the local public schools, but also there is no comparison in the manner in which the children are taught. The caring and nurturing environment allows children to become confident and to succeed and excel not only in their schoolwork, but in their everyday lives as well.”
J.and M. M., parents

“I thought your facility was beautiful and your program lovely."
Jill C., parent

“We feel that Our Montessori School has given [our oldest son] an excellent foundation, including good work habit, the ability to think on his own, and perform to the best of his ability. [Our younger son], who used to be timid, and always in his brother’s shadow, has grown to be such a confident, outgoing, and very intelligent boy!”
Seema and Jimmy B., parents

“Our family is grateful for seven wonderful years in Our Montessori School!”
Jennifer H., parent

“There is a joy in reading about you all there in Yorktown, seeing the pictures, remembering the goodness we found there when Annie was just a toddler….what a lively, intelligent, energetic, compassionate person she has grown up to be…She is like a lovely wildflower with four wheel drive.”
Meg F., parent

“I truly believe that my children’s time spent with the loving teachers of your school changed their lives forever."
Maria R., parent

“My daughter, Alyssa, now in middle school, calmly told her new teacher that “Montessori had taught her all she knows. The teacher commented on her outgoing attitude and her lovely manners! Aly went on to describe the ways she was taught at Our Montessori School; she said she learned “the most important things—self control, respect for others and to have self confidence.’ Then Kelsey, now in third grade in the junior class, chimed in. She said that her teachers always have time for hugs because they always think of the kids first.”
Cheri B., parent and teacher

“As parents, we hope that in our children’s lifetime they will meet at least one person who leaves an impression on them. All of you have done just that for Jordyn. You have no idea of how your dedication to children, your ability to communicate, and your desire to see each and every one of your students succeed is appreciated."
Lauren and Ricky T., parents

“I am extremely happy with the care and attention our daughter, Jenna, has received. I have observed the infant program at various times as I often come in at different times. I have always found the staff to be very professional, kind, and warm. They always welcome Jenna with open arms and she has never cried even once when I left the room."
Diana K., parent

“As much as I was looking forward to the savings by sending our daughter to public school, my husband reminded me that’ YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION’. So with that said, we look forward to seeing you and your dedicated staff in the fall."
Jeanette and Peter B., parents

“The memory of [my observation of your school] is so strong that I brought it up during a conversation with a colleague and with a parent of a preschool child this week. I decided to look up your school on the internet and give feedback on the wonderful job you are doing. I was extremely impressed by the teacher’s interactions with the children, her awaremess of each child’s activities, and the calm, supportive environment that she created. The other staff members equally impressed me both in the classroom and on the playground. Your staff is able to provide structure, support, and control while allowing this child to feel free to explore and learn independently. Keep up the good work."
Eileen McDonald, Ph.D, and NYS Licensed Psychologist

“Kristin loves school and the friendships she has made. She is thriving both academically and socially. I would like to acknowledge and thank you and your staff for all of your efforts in creating a caring and terrific environment in which to learn and grow. You’'ve really made a difference in her life.”
Carolyn H., parent

“My mind and my husband’s are put at ease when Joseph is with you during the day. We know that his natural curiosity and intuitive behavior are welcomed, encouraged and fostered in your school, and we see now the benefit of allowing a child the freedom of a safe and secure environment to explore and learn. Thanks again for everything!”
Stefanie P., parent

“I attended Our Montessori School in Yorktown beginning as a three-year-old through the fourth grade. I just graduated from Poughkeepsie Day School this year and am going off to Sarah Lawrence College in the fall. I will always attribute my success in school to being allowed to do my own thing at such an early age. I have always felt like I received blatant favoritism, but looking back, I suppose all the kids felt that way.”
Amie A., former student

“I cannot emphasize enough the wonderful care that Eleni has received. Her teachers are the most special, caring, loving, and wonderful individuals that I have ever come across in a school setting. They are so dedicated, sincere and genuinely interested in the best interest of the children and making the experience at school a wonderful and positive one.”
Carolyn P., parent

“I always tell my mom how wonderful you are and what you have done and then you do something even more wonderful!”
Elena and Gordon T., parents

“Thank you for making Emily’s transition back to Our Montessori School so easy and pleasant. When I asked her how her first day back was…she responded “It was good, Mommy, but every day is a good day at Our Montessori School!”
Margaret H., parent
“Way to go with the science fair! The pride and joy on the kids’ faces for being part of the event was just..OUT OF THIS WORLD! The projects for the most part were kid powered, which in itself is amazing. They worked so very hard because they wanted to. They really learned from doing (the best way in the world to learn) and they knew what they were talking about…Kudos to you all for pulling off another amazing event….I could never truly articulate how much you guys mean to our family. You really always give 250% because you care!”
Maryrose H., parent

“All of your incredible dedication, talent, wisdom and spirit have added up to a very special experience for Alison—and all of us.”
Robin H., parent

“I saw Laura truly blossom over the past year with confidence and joy. After getting to know her teachers, I realized how fortunate I was to have found such a loving group of dedicated teachers who truly care for the children. I have such peace of mind knowing that my daughter is being taught and cared for in such a loving and safe environment.”
Julie L., parent